Our Services


Regular & Logbook are available

Full Inspection

RWC Certificate Available upon Request


Check & Replacement

Tyre Patch & Replacement

Select one of our brands

On-Board Diagnostics

On-Board Diagnostics on ECU

Electronic Circuit System

Electronic Circuit System Repair and maintenance

24/7 Towing

Tow Truck Available

Mechanical Repair

All Vehicle Mechanical Repair

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

We check used vehicle before your purchase

Used Car Trading

Trading certified used car by us

Free Additions

Tyre Pressure

Pump tyres with guided pressure

Battery Life

We check how long battery life last

Brake Pads/Discs

We inspect your brakes

Car Sales Consultation

Free Consultation for your selling

Who Are we

SJD Automotive

officially starts its business journey as a mechanics garage in North Geelong on 23th June, 2021. As a comprehensive one-stop service garage, it’s well-equipped and specialized in vehicle maintenance and repair.

About the Price

We offer the best quality service with fair price.

About Techniques

Skilled mechanic with more than ten years’ experience, able to work with handy tools to diagnostics and repairs on sedan, hatch, trucks, trailers and caravans.

Our Brands

The Engine oil

We use German brand Fuchs engine oil. Fuchs is the world’s largest independent lubricant manufacturer. Mercedes-Benz’s original engine oil and the initial oil are all produced by Fuchs. Most 4S stores also use Fuchs engine oil.


The OEM Accessories

Accessories supplied by the OEMs are used. For maintenance of new cars that are still under warranty, we use oil and filters which meet the original factory standards, allowing you to enjoy the services of the 4S shop but at half the price.

Official Website: FUCHS Automotive Lubricants 

Our Promises

As for the price, we are REASONABLE.

As for the car repair, we are PROFESSIONAL.


The parts we use are all original OEM of big brands. There are 4-5 types of 205L barrels of machine oil alone, covering 90% of the models in the market, whether new or old, European or Japanese.


We are adhering to the output of the best quality service with a reasonable price.

Our Contacts


1/25 Rodney Rd, North Geelong VIC

We are open from Monday to Saturday, from 8:30am to 5:30pm

Business Hours

Monday – Saturday

8:30am – 5:30pm

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